Ons help die wêreld groei sedert 1983


  • Spring Festival Holiday Notice

    Dear new and old customers, Everybody is good!      At the beginning of the New Year, everything is new! Heartfelt thanks to the vast number of new and old customers, in the past year to our full support. It is precisely because of our trust that we can develop steadily and make progress in the f...
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  • Two Significant Exhibition Experiences

    Introduction: In order to promote the development of Feinade offline market more effectively, we successively participated in Canton Fair (10.15-10.19) and Zhengzhou International Elevator Exhibition (11.28-11.30), and achieved good results. At the same time, it also lays a foundation for the pro...
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  • The motor industry and the protector industry complement each other

    With the development of social economy, so far, China’s consumption of motor has accounted for more than 60% of the world motor market. With the increasing consumption of modern consumption, people are increasingly spending more on household appliances, automobiles, etc., which has led to a...
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  • Types and selection methods of motor protectors

    The function of the motor protector is to provide comprehensive protection control for the motor. Overcurrent, undercurrent, phase failure, stall, short circuit, over voltage, under voltage, leakage, three-phase unbalance, overheating, grounding, bearing wear, When the rotor is eccentric, the wi...
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  • Cixi Feinade Electrical Appliance Plant in sewage treatment aerator

    FND  in sewage treatment equipment has been very mature, in the sewage pump, reflux pump and other equipment above our figure.This time we came to a printing and dyeing factory. Their home had their own sewage treatment equipment. This time we studied the aerator.The aerator injects “micro-...
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  • Feinade gehelp om die hoek geskiet skietwerk masjien voltooi die digitale opgradering

    Feinade gehelp om die hoek geskiet skietwerk masjien voltooi die digitale opgradering

    Hierdie tyd, het ons 'n groot onderneming van 'n maatskappy wat wou sy eie produksie toerusting te vervolmaak. Hulle het onlangs 'n ronde van digitale opgradering van hul produksie fasiliteite, om te verseker dat produksie lyne is onfeilbaar en dus meer doeltreffend te maak. Wel, hierdie keer is dit ...
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