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Zhuhai pinot technology co. LTD

I have always been friends with him for many years, and the reason why I am so confident to cooperate with him is because I believe that he is an experienced, polite and humble leader who keeps pace with The Times. It's been developing. I believe that under the leadership of an excellent leader, coupled with such a series of products with good reputation, feynard will surely go faster and longer. And I also more believe that the emperor lives up to his will.

Zhuhai pinot technology co., LTD. - director of south China - ren guoqiang

Zhuhai pinuo technology co., LTD. Is an enterprise that manages the electric power system of public buildings. It has a scientific research base of 20,000 square meters. It has r&d centers in zhuhai high-tech zone and shenzhen nanshan science and technology park, branches in Beijing, Shanghai and shenzhen, and more than 20 offices in China. Five engineering implementation and technical service centers have been set up in north China, east China, south China, northwest China and southwest China, and a mature and perfect marketing and engineering implementation network has been established


Ningbo aimei-dongxiong manufacturing co. LTD

As is known to all, the demand for motor protection in our industry is relatively objective. We need to find an advantageous supplier and make our products and equipment have a good brand effect. Only win - win can make the enterprise cooperation relationship long! I also wish you find a good supplier, a good partner!

Ningbo aimei-dongxiong manufacturing co., LTD. - chairman of the board - huang guo-sheng - specializing in the design and manufacturing of high frequency high frequency high-frequency machinery

Ningbo aimei-dongxiong manufacturing co., LTD. Is a professional manufacturer of "dongxiong brand" high frequency plastic welding machine, ultrasonic plastic welding machine and cutting machine. We can customize automation equipment and non-standard machinery equipment according to customer's requirement.


China huayi gas co. LTD

Our company was listed in February 2007, covering the market of state grid, five power generation groups, petroleum, chemical industry, railway, industrial process and manufacturing. In just two or three years, feinald has become an important partner of our company. My impression of feynard is that the salesman is patient, the delivery is timely, and the professional technical support. It's like feynard's core competence: it's about service. I believe they can be better in every way, and feynard is a worthy partner.

Zheng xiaohua, director of China huayi gas co., LTD

Huayi gas co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as "huayi gas") is a core holding subsidiary of huayi electric group co., ltd. in leqing city, wenzhou city, zhejiang province. Approved by the securities regulatory commission of China (CSRC) no. [2006] no. 286, it was re-listed on Shanghai stock exchange on February 1, 2007 with the stock code of 600290


Danfoss automatic control management (Shanghai) co. LTD

Our company is engaged in refrigeration and air conditioning control solutions. From the perspective of business, we are also a supplier. Our mission is to make every effort to improve excellent quality and reasonable price's products and services to make customers more competitive. And feynard is in line with our philosophy. Our company mainly USES the motor of 18.5kw-110kw, and the sales and technical team of feinade often visit our company, making some technical communication with us, assisting us to solve some equipment problems together, and giving us some practical Suggestions. A really good supplier not only sells products, but is eager to customers, think what customers want, stand in the customer's position to consider the problem!

Danfoss automatic control management (Shanghai) co. LTD. -- sunbin

Danfoss(Danfoss) is one of the largest multinational industrial manufacturing companies in Denmark, founded in 1933. Danfoss is known for promoting the use of advanced manufacturing technologies and focusing on energy conservation and environmental protection. Danfoss is a world leading manufacturer and service provider of refrigeration and air conditioning control, heating and water control, and transmission control.


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