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  • How to properly maintain the motor protector?

    If any equipment does not pay attention to the daily maintenance, then even if its original quality is good, its service life will be shortened. After all, the working environment of the equipment has a great influence on the daily operation of the equipment. In industry, the working environment ...
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  • What is the motor protector

    Motor comprehensive protector, is a set of overload protection, missing phase protection, over-voltage protection, blocking protection, leakage protection, grounding protection and three-phase unbalanced protection and other low-voltage protection functions in a motor protection device. It is an ...
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  • Motor protector function details

    Motor comprehensive protection can provide a full range of protection for the motor, the most basic protection includes overload protection, under-load protection, overheat protection, phase protection, phase sequence protection, under voltage protection, over-voltage protection, leakage protecti...
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  • How to choose the appropriate motor protector

    Due to the wide application of motor in the industrial field, it needs to work in a harsh environment, some fields also need motor 24 hours frequent operation. Because of the work requirements in these fields, to ensure the normal production schedule, the motor must be equipped with appropriate p...
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  • Commencement notice

    Dear new and old customers, According to the control degree of the epidemic and the relevant notice released by the government, and in combination with the actual operation situation of our company, the leadership has decided to officially resume work from today (February 24, 2020). Customers who...
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  • Current situation analysis of motor protector market

    At present, bimetallic mechanical thermal relay is widely used in motor protection. However, the protection function of mechanical thermal relay to motor is very limited. According to incomplete market statistics, mechanical thermal relays can provide protection less than 30 times out of every 10...
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