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A harvest, about Guangzhou refrigeration industry customers

After the refrigeration exhibition in Guangzhou, the staff of Feinade started to contact and visit some customers in Guangzhou immediately. For customers who have not established cooperation, we will first understand their needs, and then help them to provide corresponding products to solve problems; For the customers who have cooperated with us, we need to know more about their usage, and where the follow-up products need to be improved, so as to negotiate the follow-up cooperation.


Today, Feinade’s visited a refrigeration equipment company in Guangzhou, their daily business scope is relatively wide, the customer source distribution is also relatively wide. Not only nationwide, but also abroad. As a large refrigeration industry equipment supplier, their main equipment is all kinds of ice machine.


According to relevant person in charge, TVR-2000B, a phase sequence protector equipped with our home, is available on the equipment they export to foreign countries. For a long time, the use experience is very good, but most of the equipment sold in China has not been used together.


Therefore, combined with the common failure of ice machine, we recommended the more affordable phase sequence protector TVR-2000A and motor protector JLW series JLW-120 and JLW-180 for their trial. They are very interested in our recommended products because of their previous good experience.


Post time: Jun-28-2019
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