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An application example of feinade motor protector in pharmaceutical industry


In the pharmaceutical industry, there are many production equipment, such as pumps, fans and so on. In order to ensure the normal operation of production, some corresponding protective devices become very important. And the flying nader motor protector is one of them.


This time with our cooperation is a new century medicine under the enterprise. There are many pumps and fans on their production line. In order to ensure production is not delayed, they need a batch of intelligent motor protectors to protect the corresponding equipment motor.

After on-site inspection by technical engineers, a matching intelligent split-motor comprehensive protector jfy-7701 is installed in their corresponding power distribution cabinet, which is used to protect 3 fans and 6 pumps respectively. After the installation, technicians adjusted the site again to ensure the normal operation of the protector.


Cause of cooperation: there are many production equipment. If the equipment is damaged and production is delayed, corresponding protective devices are needed for prevention and protection.

Technical analysis: since the protection device is installed in the distribution cabinet corresponding to the device and the protection effect can be directly observed on the panel, a jfy-7701 split-type protector was added. In this way, field workers can see current changes and protection effects in real time. In case of failures such as overload, the protector can also output signals, cut off power supply and record fault information in the first time.

Conclusion: after trial operation, the protective effect is very obvious. There were several failures and the motor did not burn out. The site manager is considering to continue to cooperate with us.

Post time: Aug-24-2018
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