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Cixi Feinade Electrical Appliance Plant in sewage treatment aerator

FND  in sewage treatment equipment has been very mature, in the sewage pump, reflux pump and other equipment above our figure.This time we came to a printing and dyeing factory. Their home had their own sewage treatment equipment. This time we studied the aerator.The aerator injects “micro-bubbles” directly into untreated sewage through a diffuser impeller under the combined action of coagulant and flocculant.Physical and chemical flocculation of suspended solids results in the formation of large suspended solids flocs, which float on the liquid surface to form scum under the action of bubbles.The slag scraper is separated from the water, and there is no need to clean the nozzle.838ba61ea8d3fd1f96a145b23a4e251f94ca5f8aThe aerator in this dyeing and printing plant is equipped with a 30 kW motor, which is easily overloaded and damaged due to excessive current during startup.Moreover, the maintenance of aerator is more difficult, and delays production, once the failure, the loss is extremely serious.Therefore, our technicians inspected the line on the spot, and according to the test results, we propose to install more effective protective devices.In this way, when the current starts up, the power supply can be cut off and the motor will not be burnt out.Cause of cooperation: aerator often appears overload and lack of equality, resulting in motor burn out.Technical Analysis: In cooperation with Fernander, we have installed a motor protector JFY-7701 on the original line according to customer requirements.And training on-site staff for safe operation.Conclusion: after installation, the protection effect is obvious, and the protector can display the current more intuitively. Once overload and lack of equality areThe power supply can be cut off in time to protect the motor from being burnt out.index


Post time: Sep-12-2018
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