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Commencement notice

Dear new and old customers,

According to the control degree of the epidemic and the relevant notice released by the government, and in combination with the actual operation situation of our company, the leadership has decided to officially resume work from today (February 24, 2020). Customers who need orders recently can contact our business staff to arrange orders one after another. For orders that have not been delivered before the year of 2019, production has been arranged, and delivery will be arranged successively according to the order of payment. About the specific progress of the order, you can call to consult business, there will be the corresponding staff to answer your questions.

Winter has not passed, the epidemic is still in. May everyone in the resumption of work at the same time, to protect themselves. Let’s look forward to the day when spring blossoms!

Ningbo Feinade Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.

February 24, 2020

Post time: Feb-24-2020
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