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Compact and sensitive power protector to meet your more needs!

Compared with the motor protector, the classification of power protector is more numerous.This time, the main share to you is a small and sensitive power protector – TVR series.

In this series, according to different voltage ranges, they are mainly divided into tvr-2000b (220v-440v) and tvr-2000c (380v-660v). Of course, we can also customize for different clients according to their requirements.

As the most common power protectors, they are not smart and have no screen, only a few lights for customers. However, they are small and agile. Their actual external size is only 30mm*60mm*70mm, which will not take up much space. They are suitable for distribution cabinets of all sizes. They are also not very heavy, almost nine products add up to just one kilogram.

In addition, they have a delayed protection effect. When the fault alarm occurs, the protector will delay the action 1-2 seconds to prevent the wrong action. At the same time, as one of the most common power protectors, their protection functions are also the most basic three: phase fault protection, phase sequence protection and three-phase unbalanced protection.

So, if you want a most common power protector, then TVR this series of protectors must meet your requirements. Because, they cabinet, sensitive, also have basic protection function, the price is also affordable!



Post time: Jan-11-2020
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