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Customer visit trip to Qingdao

Introduction: In order to promote and maintain the cooperation between customers and us, on March 21, some staff went to visit some local customers in Qingdao to further understand their specific situation and needs on site, so as to facilitate the improvement and upgrading of products in the future.

Recently, some of our staff went to Qingdao to visit the local customers, not only to obtain some feedback information for future improvement and upgrade of the protector, but also by the local customers warm hospitality.


On March 21, we visited a large heavy machinery equipment manufacturing company. Their main production equipment is Shot blasting machine, The cotton carding machine, Sand blasting equipment, CNC punch press and so on. It is sold not only at home but also abroad.



Once in the factory, we can see many large factories, which are displayed are a good and not good production equipment. Since the environment of these devices is not very good in the future, it is a good preventive protection measure to add corresponding protective devices, such as smart motor protector.



Our relevant personnel had a good technical communication with their responsible personnel regarding to their equipment. And we believe that with the concept of solving problems for customers wholeheartedly, Feinade can maintain long-term cooperation with them in the future.

Post time: Mar-22-2019
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