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Dual scale brix 0-32% ATC alcohol refractometer

8599292996_380046620Dual scale brix 0-32% ATC alcohol refractometer

ATC accuracy: Hand held brewing refractometer with automatic temperature Compensation (ATC), the brix refractometer will account
for changes in ambient temperature and automatically compensate accordingly to provide accurate and repeatable measurements on an
easy to read scale.

Dual scale – Bix 0~32% specific gravity 0.2% .Measurement range of Salinity 0~28%, specific gravity 0.2% .
1.ATC: Built-in automatic temperature compensation
2. Dual design: Rapidly and precisely display the Bix( 0~32%) ,specific gravity (0.2%) .Measurement range of Salinity (0~28%),
specific gravity (0.2%) at the same time, without switching units!

Easy to use:
Simply test a drop of your brew on the prism and hold the refractometer to the light, then look through the eyepiece to get the
reading, no need for clutter some tables!

Operation steps:
1. Open the cover with a soft cloth carefully wipe detection prism.
2. Test a few drops of the solution, placed on the detection prism, gently close the cover ,to avoid air bubbles, spreading the
solution across the surface of the prism.
3. Align the light source and observe through the eyepiece, adjusting with the wheel.
4. Make a clear dividing line between blue and white marks. Scale value is the concentration of the solution of the boundary.

Calibration Method:(Details please check below photos)
Accurate measurement depends on careful calibration.To calibrate the refractometer accurately.First you should make sure the
ambient temperature is
about 68F,I recommend you do the calibration in an air conditioned room in which the temperature is set on 68F.
Distilled water to calibrate
Open the cover plate,place 2-3 drops of distilled water on the prism,then close the cover plate and make sure the water spreads
across the prism
without air bubbles or dry spots.Waiting for about 30 seconds to let the reading to stabilize,look into the eyepiece and turn the
calibration screw with the
screw driver until the reading is “0”.

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