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Feinade helped the hook shot blasting machine complete the digital upgrade

This time, we received a large enterprise from a company that wanted to perfect its own production equipment. They have recently been making a round of digital upgrades to their production facilities, ensuring that production lines are foolproof and thus more efficient. Well, this time it’s the turn of a big one — the hook shot blasting machine.


After the visit of the site layout, as well as the conventional shot opportunities occur some failure prediction (such as current instability caused by the overload condition), our technical staff with their technology has carried on the thorough discussion, thus decided in their distribution ark, install on our digital integrated motor protector JFY – 7701, that electric complete digitization upgrade. At the same time, their equipment is more high-end and atmospheric.

Of course, our technicians will still keep close contact with them, so that they can contact us directly if they have any questions and solve problems in time.


Post time: Aug-24-2018
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