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General knowledge of motor protector performance

IMG_3423_X 未标题-4The wide application of all kinds of motor in industrial production has created a certain market for motor protector. Harsh working environment, frequent working hours, so that the motor protector must have a variety of protection features, the requirements will increase accordingly.

1. Due to the continuous development of the insulation technology of the motor protector, the design of the motor protector requires both increased output and reduced volume, so that the heat capacity of the new intelligent motor protector is smaller and smaller, and the overheating capacity is weaker and weaker;

2. With the improvement of production automation, the motor protector is required to operate in various ways such as frequent starting, braking, forward and backward rotation and variable load, so the performance of the motor protector is required to be higher when it is produced now.

3. The application scope of motor protector is more often in the extremely harsh environment, such as humidity, high temperature, dust, corrosion and other working environment, so there are certain requirements for its own quality; Plus the motor manufacturing irregularities, equipment management oversight and so on.

The above three reasons cause the motor is more vulnerable to damage than in the past, especially overload, light load, short circuit, lack of phase, blocked rotation and other fault frequency increase, so that the birth of high-quality motor protector.

So the need for a small size, full function, good quality, adapt to frequent start and a variety of harsh environment of the motor protector is imminent, we recommend you to know about finard motor protector, motor treasure jfy-8 series, I believe will not let you disappointed.


Post time: Dec-05-2019
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