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How to choose the appropriate motor protector

Due to the wide application of motor in the industrial field, it needs to work in a harsh environment, some fields also need motor 24 hours frequent operation. Because of the work requirements in these fields, to ensure the normal production schedule, the motor must be equipped with appropriate protective equipment, so as to reduce the occurrence of its failure. Motor protector as a protection device for motor protection, its basic performance is also designed for motor fault.


At present, there are many kinds of motor protectors in the market. In order to meet the different needs of different users, manufacturers will produce more series of related products. Before the user chooses corresponding protector, should proceed from actual demand, reasonable choice protects the function and protects the way. In this way, good protection effect can be achieved and operation reliability of equipment can be improved.


On this point, in fact, we can start from the basic performance of the motor protector analysis. Although there are many kinds of motor protectors in the market, in the final analysis, the main focus is on the motor failure. Motor in the daily operation, because of a variety of reasons will occur overload, lack of phase, blocking, short circuit, under voltage, leakage, three-phase imbalance and other faults. Therefore, the motor protector on the market is mainly concentrated in the occurrence of these faults when the corresponding power protection.


Due to the non-standard manufacturing of some motors, the daily working environment is relatively harsh, sometimes it needs to be in the state of frequent starting, braking, positive and negative rotation for a long time, so that the motor protector is required to have more effective protection, in order to better protect the motor from being burnt out. Therefore, in addition to the above mentioned basic protection performance, the current motor protector also derived more protection functions, used to adapt to different environmental states.


Up to now, the development history of motor protector has been some years, but the performance is still developing. When the user is choosing protective device, must know what kind of protective device he needs, instead of relying solely on price, brand and decide, avoid to cause loss thereby.

Post time: Feb-26-2020
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