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How to properly maintain the motor protector?

If any equipment does not pay attention to the daily maintenance, then even if its original quality is good, its service life will be shortened. After all, the working environment of the equipment has a great influence on the daily operation of the equipment. In industry, the working environment of the motor is generally more complex, and even worse. If you do not pay attention to the daily maintenance of equipment, then the use of equipment timeliness will be greatly reduced. Of course, as an industrial motor protection equipment, the motor protector daily maintenance is also very important.


About the daily maintenance of motor protector, which aspects do we usually start with?


First, in the daily use of the process, to ensure that the motor protector body surface to keep clean. If there is too much dust on its surface, or if it is affected by moisture, it is very easy to lead to the overall insulation resistance of the protector to reduce, thus affecting its protection effect, resulting in failure;


Second, regularly check the motor protector output, input terminal, contact or connection plug-in contact is maintained good. Whether there is usually due to poor contact caused by overheating, oxidation, connection line damage and other phenomena. Especially for the contact of the three-phase current main loop, if the contact is not good or the wire diameter is not selected properly, the overheating will affect the shell of the device.


Third, regularly check whether the indicator light, digital tube or display screen of the motor protector is normal and whether it affects the data of the daily observation equipment;


Fourth, regularly check the motor protector and its connector installation, whether there is loose? If so, please timely adjust to keep it in a solid state;


Fifth, regularly check whether the setting current value of the motor protector is consistent with the original set value, especially those using potentiometer knob, dial switch operation device protector. After all, these are relatively easy to be irrelevant personnel arbitrary adjustment, so as to change the original set value;


Sixth, regularly check whether the cooling and ventilation system of the motor is blocked, whether there is abnormal sound during the motor operation, whether the insulation value is reduced, whether the contact of the a.c. contactor is damaged, etc. These, to a certain extent, will also affect the use of the corresponding protector;


Seventh, the protection of the field test, is a very important inspection method, especially for the protection of the initial installation of the test or regular inspection, is a very necessary measure.


Of course, in addition to the above maintenance, the correct installation and operation of the motor protector is also a crucial link, can not be ignored.

Post time: Mar-17-2020
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