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How to reduce the occurrence of elevator accidents?

With the rapid development of social economy and the increasing population, the proportion of high-rise buildings in cities is increasing. Elevator, as a modern vertical transport vehicle, is closely connected with people’s lives, playing an important role. However, while it brings comfort and convenience to people’s life, it also brings many safety problems, even personal casualties.


Elevator, belonging to special equipment, it relates to people’s property and life safety. Safety of elevator manufacturing, installation, use and maintenance is the eternal subject of discussion. Therefore, only with scientific safety management and perfect maintenance, the safety of elevator operation can be effectively guaranteed.

According to incomplete statistics, there were 329 elevator accidents between 2011 and 2015. Among them, 266 cases occurred in the use link, accounting for 81%; 23 cases occurred in the installation link, accounting for 7%; Twenty-three, or seven percent, occurred during maintenance, and so on. Although the incidence of elevator accidents has decreased in recent years, it still cannot be avoided 100%.


In life, the elevator common fault is mainly two kinds: one is the elevator out of control, rapid fall; One is to stop running suddenly. What causes the elevator to break down and cause an accident? The reasons can be summarized into two points: 1. People’s unsafe behaviors; 2.Unsafe state of equipment. For unsafe behavior, we can increase the safety propaganda, so as to reduce its incidence; As for the unsafe state of equipment, we have to prevent in advance, find fault in advance, timely maintenance, and strengthen the safety of equipment in advance, so as to avoid the occurrence of accidents.

So, in order to solve the problem, we have to start from the source, which is failure analysis. Although there are many types of elevators on the market, trapezoids are also different, fault types are also many, but the essence of the fault is actually a lot of the same place. Elevator components are mainly mechanical, drag circuit and electrical control three categories. Correspondingly, elevator faults are often manifested as poor contact with components, abnormal sound, short circuit and other phenomena. Simply, it can be divided into mechanical system fault and electrical system fault two categories.

1 Mechanical system fault analysis

The mechanical system failure of the elevator does not account for a large proportion in the total failure of the elevator, but once it happens, the consequences will be more serious. Either a long period of downtime waiting to be repaired causes electrical system failures, or equipment and personal accidents. Therefore, all parts of the elevator need to be checked and maintained regularly, so as to prevent the occurrence of mechanical system failure.


2 Electrical system fault analysis

Electrical system fault, mainly refers to the electrical system internal components abnormal, resulting in abnormal elevator phenomenon. Electrical faults account for the largest proportion of personal and property injuries. In other words, electrical accidents are the major cause of elevator accidents.

So, what causes the electrical failure of the elevator? What corresponding measure can prevent to solve again?

2.1 Damage of components

During the operation of elevator for a long time, all parts will be damaged to different degrees, which will directly cause the broken phase and circuit fault of the electrical system. If not found in time, the solution of the fuse in the electric control circuit is easy to be burned off, leading to the elevator can not start normally, or even start abnormal, causing accidents. Feinade phase sequence protector can cut off the power at the first time when the phase break is detected, and send out an alarm to avoid the fuses from being blown out quickly to a certain extent, leaving sufficient maintenance time for maintenance personnel to avoid causing elevator accidents. Moreover, it can give full play to the coordination between the upper and lower levels of protection, and thus avoid the occurrence of over-class tripping and large area tripping.


2.2 Poor contact

Long periods of operation can leave relays, contactors, or switches covered in large areas of dust, which in severe cases can cause breakdowns in elevators. When these components are burned by an arc, or when the current flow is too large, it will cause circuit overload, short circuit, and lead to abnormal operation of the elevator. In serious cases, it will indirectly lead to wear and fracture of the steel rope rope, and the elevator will fall down, causing serious elevator accidents. Poor contact can also lead to abnormal opening and closing of elevators, causing accidents. To some extent, it can prevent accidents by equipping elevator with overload protector of corresponding specifications in advance. Feinade overload protector JFY series, has this function.


2.3 The power supply voltage is unstable

The elevator is mainly a closed loop of three-wire alternating current. Its main loop starts from three-phase power supply, goes down through the air switch to the governor and contactor, and finally returns the motor to form a closed loop.Voltage instability, over voltage phenomenon, or the power supply is short of a phase, will lead to the main circuit or control circuit fuse solution burning off, resulting in the elevator no express and slow train, or even cause the elevator start difficulty, or directly unable to start normally, causing failure.Fy-5-1 intelligent digital display can detect voltage change in the first time, send a signal, cut off the power supply, and reduce the occurrence of faults. At the same time, it can avoid the big fluctuation of voltage and cause the switch to jump by mistake.


Nowadays, elevators are no longer just passenger tools in our daily life.It can improve our quality of life, improve business efficiency of intelligent devices.Therefore, safe and secure operation process, smooth and comfortable ride time, is always the focus of every elevator related industry manufacturers to follow.


Post time: Jul-08-2019
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