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Notice on New Year’s Day Holiday Arrangement in 2021

Dear old and new customers:

According to the spirit of the notice of the General Office of the State Council, combined with the actual operation of our company, the leaders decided to arrange the New Year’s Day holiday in Feinade as follows:

1: January 1-3, 2021, for a total of 3 days.

2: Customers and friends who need orders in the near future can contact our business personnel and strive to arrange delivery before the holiday, and they can receive the goods after the holiday.

3: If there are no orders for products in stock, production will be arranged before the festival, and delivery will be arranged one after another according to the order of payment after the festival.

4: Regarding the specific progress of the order and technical consultation, you can call for business consultation, and there will be corresponding staff to answer your doubts.

5: At the end of the year, there are many stocking customers, the delivery period is tight, and the production cycle is prolonged. Please place orders as early as possible according to the needs. Thank you for your understanding.

Fernand wishes everyone a happy holiday.

Ningbo feinade electrics co., ltd

December 28, 2020

Post time: Dec-28-2020
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