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  • Application of motor protector in medical equipment

    In the pharmaceutical industry, it often involves a lot of production equipment, such as pump equipment, fan and so on.In order to better ensure the normal operation of production, some corresponding protection devices become very important. Motor protector is one of them. This time we cooperate...
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  • New Product—infrared thermometer

    Features: Digital thermometers Multi-function, not only for body temperature but also for room temperature. 32 memory Alarm point is settable. Adjustable setting for different kinds of people and operating conditions Buzzer on/off Specifications: Age: baby Material: ABS, electronic components ...
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  • General knowledge of motor protector performance

    The wide application of all kinds of motor in industrial production has created a certain market for motor protector. Harsh working environment, frequent working hours, so that the motor protector must have a variety of protection features, the requirements will increase accordingly. 1. Due to t...
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  • STC-200 temperature controller

    Features and functions: 1.Adopt manual switches among refrigeration, heating and alarm, differential to control temperature; 2.User and administrator parameter setting separately, compressor delay time adjustable, temperature calibration, alarm when error, compressor works as per the scheduled p...
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  • Overload protection principle of motor protector

    What is overload? If the motor is overloaded for a long time, the winding temperature of the motor will rise and exceed its allowable value, resulting in brittle insulation material edges of the motor, shortened life, and even burnt out the motor. This phenomenon is called overload fault. Then, w...
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  • Protection measures for electric motors

    In actual industrial production, the motor has been widely used as a source of mechanical power.But in the process of using, often due to improper protection and failure, the motor often burned out and delay production. Therefore, it should generally carry out necessary protection measures, equip...
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