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  • The biggest cognitive misunderstanding of electric motor protector

    “The motor protector is useless! Why else would my motor burn out if it had a protector?!” Facing this kind of doubt, can only ask helplessly, “you, is there any misunderstanding to the motor protector?”   There are many reasons that cause the motor to burn out during...
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  • CIXI Feinade Electrical Appliance Factory has made the headline in Beijing

    Our company has been serving the airline industry for many years. After a series of strict technical assessment, we formally established a cooperative relationship with anwei civil aviation airport group. So far in 2015. And Three batches of motor protector products have been used in their aviati...
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  • Protect the motor, motor protector is indispensable!

    As the most widely used power equipment, motor is the main power source of other mechanical electrical equipment. Therefore, the normal output of the motor is a prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of mechanical electrical equipment. The function of the motor protector is to give the motor...
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  • Significance and content of sewage treatment equipment operation management

    In modern production, equipment is the foundation of all material technology. Without proper equipment, no work can be carried out, especially in sewage treatment plants. Because, whether the production of sewage treatment plant can proceed smoothly, mainly depends on the perfection of machinery ...
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  • What if the motor burns out?!

    Motor is an indispensable power source equipment in manufacturing industry. Why does the motor burn out? What causes it? Investigate its reason, you can find, in the production process, there are many kinds of circumstances, may cause motor burn out! To find the cause, we can start with the sour...
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  • Current situation of environmental protection equipment industry in China

    With the gradual development of environmental protection, China’s environmental protection industry is also in continuous development.  Environmental protection equipment is an important part of the environmental protection industry. Environmental protection equipment industry is to prevent...
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