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Prevent spontaneous combustion of Shot Blasting Machine

    In recent days, frequent fire, heavy losses. Fire, just like the predator, once out of control, the consequences unimaginable. The same is true in our industry.


    Shot blasting machine, a product surface processing equipment, once spontaneous combustion, the consequences are very serious. I still remember that on the afternoon of July 28, 2011, a store in Donghai avenue, Taizhou, Zhejiang province, a shot blasting machine filled with aluminum pieces suddenly caught fire. Fortunately, the fire control personnel timely prevented serious damage. After the investigation, it was found that the spontaneous combustion accident was caused by the fact that the shot blasting machine dealt with aluminum parts and the metal dust was not dealt with in time.


     As we all know, shot blasting machine will produce a lot of dust in the production process, to prevent its pollution of the air, bring harm to the human body, also will be equipped with the corresponding filter cartridge dust remover. Shot blasting machine dust is generally iron powder, iron oxide or dust, the ignition point is relatively low, under the action of fan air flow, combustion speed is very fast; And the filter material material of cartridge type dust catcher is paper or polyester fiber commonly, both also belong to flammable goods. Once spontaneous combustion occurs, the consequences can be imagined.


     In daily operations, most of the mechanical energy inside the shot blasting machine rotates into heat energy. During the production operation, the temperature of the system will gradually increase. As long as the internal processing of steel stay within 80 ℃ temperature control, will not cause spontaneous combustion. However, many blasting machine workplace, there will be current instability. Once overload occurs, if not timely processing, also easy to lead to abnormal high temperature, bring spontaneous combustion potential. In order to avoid this situation, many shot blasting machines will be equipped with corresponding protective devices, such as integrated motor protector, so as to reduce the occurrence of equipment failure.


    In addition, improving the risk awareness of equipment operation and maintenance personnel is also a crucial link. Each unit should strengthen the theory and practice knowledge training of relevant operation and maintenance personnel to reduce the occurrence of accidents.

Post time: Apr-08-2019
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