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Protect the motor, motor protector is indispensable!

As the most widely used power equipment, motor is the main power source of other mechanical electrical equipment. Therefore, the normal output of the motor is a prerequisite to ensure the normal operation of mechanical electrical equipment. The function of the motor protector is to give the motor comprehensive protection and control. In case of motor over-current, under-current, broken phase, missing phase, over-voltage, under-voltage, three-phase imbalance and other faults, alarm or protection control shall be adopted. Up to now, electric motor protector has penetrated into most areas of electricity consumption and played an irreplaceable role in the national economy.


When the motor fails, the three-phase current will change, so through the detection of the three-phase operating current, according to the different properties of the operating current to determine different protection methods, so as to give the motor power off protection. The operation protection principle of motor protector is applied in this way.




At present, our country generally adopt the electric motor protector mainly has these several kinds: the thermal relay, the temperature relay, the electronic electric motor protector and the intelligent electric motor protector. Different types have different functions, accuracy and quality. The purpose of daily selection of motor protection device is to enable the motor to give full play to overload capacity and avoid damage. Best of all, it can also improve the reliability of the electric drive system and the continuity of production. Therefore, the ideal motor protector needs to be reliable, economical and convenient.


With the continuous development and progress of science and technology, the motor protector has developed to the age of microelectronic intelligence. According to the actual situation, the reasonable choice of protection function and protection method is the necessary premise to realize the good protection of the motor and reduce the accident loss.

Post time: Nov-05-2019
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