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Protection measures for electric motors

In actual industrial production, the motor has been widely used as a source of mechanical power.But in the process of using, often due to improper protection and failure, the motor often burned out and delay production. Therefore, it should generally carry out necessary protection measures, equipped with necessary protection devices.

There are several common types of necessary protection:

1. Short circuit protection: cut off the short circuit current of the motor and its circuit in time. Otherwise, the short circuit may burn out the motor and cause heavy losses.

2 overload protection: for the overload current of the motor, the fuse may not be fusible, so it is necessary to set up a separate power cut-off protection device.

3. Broken phase protection: although the broken phase operation protection is also a kind of overload protection, it is necessary to set up a separate broken phase operation protection device. There are a lot of ways and devices of broken phase protection, there are five common, respectively: (1) the use of a thermal relay with broken phase protection device for the lack of phase protection; (2) undercurrent relay phase break protection; (3) zero sequence voltage relay phase break protection; (4) broken fuse voltage relay phase protection; (5) protection with fast saturation current transformer.

4 loss voltage and undervoltage protection: in order to prevent the motor from starting and running under too low voltage, or restart when power supply is restored after a sudden power failure in operation, loss voltage and undervoltage protection are generally adopted.

5 ground or zero protection: when the motor shell is charged, prevent people from touching the shell and electric shock protection.

In a word, the motor should have the above five protection measures. Feinard focus on motor protection for 20 years, in the motor protector above the development of research worthy of the majority of industry recognition! Accordingly, equipped with a protector is also an effective protection measure to protect the motor.

Post time: Nov-25-2019
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