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Qingdao International Exhibition of Refrigeration and HVAC 

Introduction: From March 22 to 24, Feinade, as an exhibitor, exhibited some conventional motor protectors, phase sequence protectors, surge protectors and other protective devices in Qingdao international HVAC refrigeration exhibition, and achieved good results. (Booth Number: E3-140)


In order to better develop the offline market, it is an effective way to participate in some exhibitions of relevant industries. China Qingdao (International) Refrigeration, HVAC, Ventilation, Fire Protection and New Building Materials Procurement Exhibition (referred to as China Qingdao International HVAC Exhibition), as one of the largest exhibitions in the field of HVAC, is a huge potential market for us.


Refrigeration HVAC industry, as one of the application fields of motor protector, its demand for protector is also unlimited. In this industry, a lot of equipment, such as compressor, HVAC, fan, etc., will need to be equipped with corresponding protection device, for the prevention and protection, to extend its service life.


In this exhibition, Feinade exhibited some motor protectors, phase sequence protectors and surge protectors commonly used in refrigeration and HVAC industry. At the same time, we also prepared some homemade gifts for the customers who came to consult as a souvenir. On the first day, it attracted a large number of potential customers to visit and consult, and hundreds of sample books prepared in advance were in short supply.


In a word, this international exhibition in Qingdao is a success for us.

Post time: Mar-25-2019
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