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Spring Festival holiday notice

Dear new and old customers,

As the Spring Festival is approaching, according to the relevant provisions of “notice of 2020 holiday arrangement” released by the general office of the state council, and in combination with the actual operation situation of our company, we hereby notify the Spring Festival holiday matters in 2020 as follows:

The Spring Festival holiday will be on January 12, 2020, February 2, and work will start on February 3 (Monday, the 10th day of the New Year). On January 13, solstice, January 18, all departments will have staff on duty. Orders with inventory can still be received and shipped normally. For orders without inventory, production and delivery will be arranged according to the order order.

If there is still a demand for orders in the near future, please consult the specific business, reasonable arrangement of order time, so as not to delay everyone receiving. Sorry for any inconvenience! Feinade thanks for your support and cooperation!

Finally, we are here in advance to wish you a civilized, safe and happy Spring Festival holiday!


Ningbo Feinade Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.

January 11, 2020

Post time: Jan-11-2020
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