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STC-200 temperature controller

STC-200Features and functions

1.Adopt manual switches among refrigeration, heating and alarm, differential to control temperature;

2.User and administrator parameter setting separately, compressor delay time adjustable, temperature calibration, alarm when error, compressor works as per the scheduled procedure when sensor error;

3.All-purpose model with high performance versus price ratio;

4.It is suitable for refrigeration and deep freeze, seafood machine, water heater and products which need simple temperature monitoring and alarm.


1.Product size:77*34.5*65.5mm

2.Installation size:70.5*28.5mm

Technical parameters:

1.Temperature measuring range:-40℃~99

2.Temperature controlling range:-40℃~70

3.Operating ambient temperature:-5℃~60

4.Stored temperature:-30℃~85

5.Relative humidity:20%60%(no condensation)

6.Power supply:220VAC±10%12V±10%optional



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Post time: Nov-28-2019
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