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The 2019 Guangzhou international refrigeration exhibition has officially begun

Introduction: The 2019 Guangzhou international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and air treatment equipment exhibition will be held at the China import and export fair (Canton fair pavilion) from August 16 to 18. As an exhibitor, FEINADE will be part of conventional protector, small distribution box and related accessories. (Booth Number: 218/R20)


Exhibition is a traditional way of marketing.In this refrigeration exhibition, FEINADE participated in it again as an exhibitor. Besides motor protector, phase protector, phase sequence protector, voltage ammeter, surge protector, there were also some temperature controller. The Canton fair exhibition hall is slightly larger than other exhibitions, so I hope it can expand to a larger market this time.


From August 16 to 18, the exhibition will be held for 3 days. This time is free, or interested friends, can go to visit the exchange. If there are some problems that need to be solved by protection equipment before, but no ready-made products can be found, you can also talk to our technical staff in detail, and FEINADE supports private customization.

Post time: Aug-16-2019
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