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The company organized a trip to Nanjing

Once a year, we organized a two-day and one-night tour of Nanjing’s history and culture during the weekend (July 13-july 14). We set out early on Saturday morning. Although the weather is not very awesome, but everyone is still in a good mood.


After arriving in Nanjing,we will touring the Zhongshan Memorial Hall and learn about sun’s life. The second stop is the presidential palace,we will visit Dr. Sun’s office and living environment. The third stop is a night tour of the king’s palace of the Ming dynasty — Taiping museum and Confucius temple, where you can enjoy the delicious Nanjing snacks.




The first stop of the second day, the patriotism education base – Nanjing massacre memorial hall. Once again, it’s hard to accept this brutal history. What happened in history, we can’t change. Don’t forget the history, strong motherland, is the only thing we can do today. The last stop is Yuhuatai martyrs’ monument.



This time, we felt the heavy history and culture of Nanjing. Hope next time, we can feel the cultural charm of another side of Nanjing!

Post time: Jul-16-2019
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