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The Fifth Changzhou Electrical Machinery Exhibition

Introduction: From June 4th to June 6th, Feinade, as an exhibitor, exhibited some conventional protectors, instruments and meters, simple power distribution cabinets and other equipment in the 5th Changzhou Motor Technology & Automation Technology Exhibition. (Booth Number : A68)


Since its birth, Feinade has been focusing on motor protection. Our motor protector can help avoid some common motor faults, such as phase deficiency, overload, three-phase unbalance, etc. This Changzhou electric motor exhibition is a good publicity for us to expand the offline market.


In this exhibition, we still show some conventional series of protectors and instruments. If you have this need, if you are interested in learning about these protective devices, or if you just need to customize a protective device of your own, you can come to consult. There will be professional technicians to communicate with you to further help you solve the problem.


The exhibition lasted three days. During this period, the relevant staff will be in booth A68, looking forward to your visit!

Post time: Jun-04-2019
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