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Two Significant Exhibition Experiences

Introduction: In order to promote the development of Feinade offline market more effectively, we successively participated in Canton Fair (10.15-10.19) and Zhengzhou International Elevator Exhibition (11.28-11.30), and achieved good results. At the same time, it also lays a foundation for the promotion and development of offline market in the future.

    In order to explore more markets for motor protectors, we have planned and participated in two exhibitions in recent two months, namely Canton Fair and Zhengzhou International Elevator Exhibition.


    Although it was the first time to participate in the Canton fair, we encountered many problems, but still had a great harvest. In the face of our exquisite and small motor protector, potential foreign customers are attracted to come over is not small, the rate of consultation is quite considerable. Thus it can be seen that Feinade motor protector in the foreign market, but also very large.


  Elevator exhibition, as our motor protector is related to the industry exhibition, so the face of the customer group is relatively more targeted. Among them, the application of phase sequence protector in elevator is the most. Many people in the elevator industry have a certain understanding of phase sequence protector. Therefore, although it was a 3-day exhibition, not only a few clients came to consult, but even more, we met many clients who maintained cooperative relations with us on the site.




  Through these two exhibitions, we have gained a lot. This is a very effective way to expand the offline market. It is expected that we will be more active in participating in relevant industry exhibitions in 2019.

Post time: Dec-04-2018
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