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West China international refrigeration exhibition

Introduction: From May 23rd to May 25th, Feinade, as an exhibitor, exhibited some conventional motor protectors, phase sequence protectors, surge protectors and other protective devices as well as ammeter, thermostat and other common instruments in the western refrigeration exhibition. (The Booth Number : 1-366)



Refrigeration industry, has been our Feinade motor protector related industries, especially compressors, often use our protector. This year, and launched a series of thermostat, the western refrigeration exhibition for us is a good opportunity to understand the market, but also to open the market, so that more customers understand our opportunity.



At the beginning of the exhibition, many interested customers came to consult. Some of them are customers who have contacted or even cooperated with before. If you need motor protector, temperature controller and other equipment on your equipment, you can come to our booth to communicate and consult, there will be professionals to answer the relevant questions for you. We will be waiting for your visit at the booth for three days from May 23rd to 25th.


The exhibition is in full swing. On the first day, we were honored to win the “Excellent Brand Award” among many exhibitors’ brands. I believe that with your attention and encouragement, we will become more and more excellent and live up to your expectations.


Post time: May-24-2019
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