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What is the motor protector

Motor comprehensive protector, is a set of overload protection, missing phase protection, over-voltage protection, blocking protection, leakage protection, grounding protection and three-phase unbalanced protection and other low-voltage protection functions in a motor protection device. It is an ideal substitute for the traditional relay with high precision, sensitive action, stable performance, energy saving and environmental protection. Generally, the motor protector is composed of current sensor, comparison circuit, MCU, relay and so on.


Common intelligent motor integrated protector can have a variety of function Settings. When using, the user can choose to set the corresponding protection parameters and protection functions according to the operation of the field motor line. At the same time, when users choose the motor protector they need, it is best to take product quality as the first, compare its performance, price differences, so as to choose the most suitable for their own protector, reduce the actual use of the wrong action and other low-efficiency protection state. If the motor protector needs to protect the equipment working environment will often be lightning strikes, you can also choose with lightning protection function.


In addition to the regular protection function, there are some motor integrated protectors with specific protection function. For example, fault recording, communication, remote control, remote alarm and output, etc., to achieve computer networking, and simultaneously detect the working effect of multiple motors. Of course, some manufacturers with research and development teams can also customize your own motor protector according to your actual situation.

Post time: Mar-12-2020
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