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Why should motor protector be used with contactor?

caseWhy should motor protector be used with contactor?

A complete electrical control system, in addition to the production of mechanical processing technology, but also need to be able to ensure the long-term safety, stability, trouble-free operation of the equipment.Therefore, the protection function is an essential part of all electrical control systems。And a complete protection system, at least need to have short-circuit protection, overload protection of these two or more protection functions.

Motor protector and ac contactor are commonly used electrical components in electrical control system.In the whole electrical control system, they both perform their respective duties and cooperate with each other to play a real protective role.

In the system, ac contactor is used to frequent connected and cut with a load of main circuit and the large capacity control circuits, and motor protector is not directly pick up the load, it is mainly used to detect whether motor and other loads such as overload, open phase, three-phase imbalance fault, thus the output signal to protect contactor.

If the motor protector is regarded as a referee, then the ac contactor is the executive.



Post time: Nov-22-2019
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