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  • The 2019 Guangzhou international refrigeration exhibition has officially begun

    Introduction: The 2019 Guangzhou international refrigeration, air conditioning, ventilation and air treatment equipment exhibition will be held at the China import and export fair (Canton fair pavilion) from August 16 to 18. As an exhibitor, FEINADE will be part of conventional protector, small d...
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  • The company organized a trip to Nanjing

    Once a year, we organized a two-day and one-night tour of Nanjing’s history and culture during the weekend (July 13-july 14). We set out early on Saturday morning. Although the weather is not very awesome, but everyone is still in a good mood.   After arriving in Nanjing,we will touring the...
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  • How to reduce the occurrence of elevator accidents?

    With the rapid development of social economy and the increasing population, the proportion of high-rise buildings in cities is increasing. Elevator, as a modern vertical transport vehicle, is closely connected with people’s lives, playing an important role. However, while it brings comfort ...
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  • A harvest, about Guangzhou refrigeration industry customers

    After the refrigeration exhibition in Guangzhou, the staff of Feinade started to contact and visit some customers in Guangzhou immediately. For customers who have not established cooperation, we will first understand their needs, and then help them to provide corresponding products to solve probl...
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  • New Journey: Guangzhou International Refrigeration Exhibition

    Introduction: The 3rd China Guangzhou international refrigeration, air conditioning and ventilation equipment exhibition was held in zone A of China import and export fair from June 25 to 27. As an exhibitor, Feinade will display some conventional power protector, motor protector, surge protector...
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  • The Fifth Changzhou Electrical Machinery Exhibition

    Introduction: From June 4th to June 6th, Feinade, as an exhibitor, exhibited some conventional protectors, instruments and meters, simple power distribution cabinets and other equipment in the 5th Changzhou Motor Technology & Automation Technology Exhibition. (Booth Number : A68) Since its b...
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