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  • Current situation analysis of motor protector market

    At present, bimetallic mechanical thermal relay is widely used in motor protection. However, the protection function of mechanical thermal relay to motor is very limited. According to incomplete market statistics, mechanical thermal relays can provide protection less than 30 times out of every 10...
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  • Spring Festival holiday notice

    Dear new and old customers, As the Spring Festival is approaching, according to the relevant provisions of “notice of 2020 holiday arrangement” released by the general office of the state council, and in combination with the actual operation situation of our company, we hereby notify ...
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  • Compact and sensitive power protector to meet your more needs!

    Compared with the motor protector, the classification of power protector is more numerous.This time, the main share to you is a small and sensitive power protector – TVR series. In this series, according to different voltage ranges, they are mainly divided into tvr-2000b (220v-440v) and tvr...
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  • Application of motor protector in cold drawing machine

    Today, our application engineer came to a steel pipe manufacturing company.As soon as they entered the workshop, they saw a huge piece of equipment, which was spectacular.They have motors as small as 45KW and as large as 200KW.     According to their production minister complain, ̶...
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  • Infrared Thermometer

      Infrared thermometer, as the name implies, relies on infrared to quickly detect small changes in operating temperature, thus reducing the cost and maintenance complexity caused by equipment failure from the root problem. The  infrared thermometer consists of optical system, photodetector, ...
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  • Holiday notice for New Year’s day 2020

    Dear new and old customers,   The New Year’s day is coming, according to the “notice of 2020 holiday arrangement” issued by the general office of the state council, according to the relevant provisions of our company’s actual situation, after the leadership research a...
    Funda ngokugqithisileyo
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